Three Minute Money Tips with David Jenyns and Janine Bolon - Give Yourself Space to Think and Boost your Ideas

David Jenyns -Give Yourself Space to Think & Boost Your Ideas (episode 3/3)4 min read

Janine Bolon: Hello! Welcome to our third installment of 3. This is Janine Bolon with the 3 Minute Money Tip. And today, David Jenyns is going to talk to us again about how he systemized himself right out of his business by hiring a CEO, stepping back from the day-to-day operations of his business, and how he became a systems devotee. He found not only systemHUB but SYSTEMology. He’s written, literally, the book on SYSTEMology. I highly recommend you buy his book because it will totally change your life. Whether you have a business or not, please consider yourself self-employed. So today, his mission is to free all business owners worldwide from just daily operations of running their business. Today’s 3 Minute Money Tip focuses on how we get our best ideas and how to give yourself space to think. Thank you so much for joining us, David. Take it away.

David: Perfect. Yeah. Today, I want to focus on the idea that you might be sitting on a gold mine and you don’t even realize it. That huge idea that is going to completely revolutionize your business life or maybe your personal life. It could be sitting right underneath your nose, and you don’t notice it because you’re just so busy. This is quite common these days for everybody. It feels like everything’s pulling out our attention whether it’s social media, family business. Our lives are just so full that… to cite another idea, this idea that you can’t see the forest for the trees. You’re stuck right in that forest and you don’t even notice it. It’s in business, and I see this a lot with business owners, but it’s the same personally as well where they just day in day out doing things, doing things, doing things. And then there’s no space or opportunity to think about, “If I did this, it could be a real big game-changer.” So what I’m going to suggest is the power of creating systems and capturing step-by-step processes both personally and in business, means that certain repetitive tasks can just get handled and that enables you to have extra space because there’s not as much pressure that you’re always busy, busy, busy. You want to use systems as a way to build in this thinking time to be able to disconnect from your business or from your work, and then create the space to go, do the exercise to read the book, to take some time out. It’s quite common, people who have heard of this idea of people having their best ideas when they’re in the shower. And that’s because you’ve created space in the shower and there are no distractions competing for your attention, and you’re just able to think. Everybody’s heard that idea. What I’m going to talk about is, how can you consciously create more of that space so that you can have your big ideas? Those ideas are the ones that change the world. Those are the ones that you get rewarded for most. Because if we are rewarded for bringing value to the marketplace, we want to make sure that how can you bring the most amount of value? What is that big idea that’s sitting in your brain that you might not even be aware of because you haven’t given yourself the space to think? So yeah, revisiting this idea of using systems and processes and this really builds on the previous two episodes that we’ve talked about. We’ve talked about this idea of increasing your earning potential by using systems, reducing your errors. And then the trifecta here is that it will also create more time for you, which that is where the biggest earning potential and the biggest money found for you will come from. So that’s my last tip.

Janine: Thank you so much, David. We appreciate you taking time with us today. I highly recommend that you go out, buy his book SYSTEMology. It will change your life, it will help you understand where you need to go next with your career whether you’re working for someone else or if you are a business owner. Just remember, the man knows what he’s talking about and he covers the seven myths of business processes and why people fail at systemization. He talks about this in his book. So I highly recommend you get out there and check out his book, go to and you’ll find it. This is Janine Boulon with the 3 Minute Money Tip, wrapping up a three episodes series with David Jenyns, author of Have a great day, and we’ll chat with you again next Friday.


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