Three Minute Money Tips with David Jenyns and Janine Bolon - Reduce errors

David Jenyns – Reduce Errors (episode 2/3)4 min read

Janine Bolon: Hi, this is Janine Bolon with this week’s Three-minute money tip and I am joined today by David Jenyns, who in 2016 successfully, systemized himself right out of business. While not technically out of business, he actually systemized himself out of having to be a part of the day-to-day operations of running his business. He hired a CEO, he stepped back. And through these processes, he became a systems devotee founding SYSTEMhub SYSTEMology today. Today his mission is to free all business owners worldwide from the daily operations of having to run their business. Now if you don’t own your own business do not worry, David has information for you as well. Please consider yourself self-employed, even if you work for someone else in an organization. The techniques that he uses will help you not only increase your earning potential, but today he’s going to talk to us about how to reduce errors. Take it away David.

David Jenyns: I think, yes, so this money tip today, I want to give you some strategies on how you can reduce errors, reduced waste, to reduce mistakes that happen both in your life personally and then also at work as well. It’s really, really costly. And when just the mistakes are made and oftentimes that means work needs to be repeated or maybe you need to go out and purchase new, something to replace whatever was broken or when that particular error was made and when you really get this idea of the system’s thinking mindset and understanding the real power and potential that can come from documenting systems and processes and this could be something as simple as a checklist. So I’ll give you a good example just in your personal life and then this can obviously translate to business as well. So a great tip might be when you think about going on a holiday, how do you pack your suitcase to get ready? A lot of people, what they do is they just send in their bedroom and go or what else do I need to bring? Oh, what else do I need to bring? I’ll bring my toothbrush. I’ll bring my toenail clippers. I’ll bring my jocks, my socks, my t-shirt. What else do I need to bring? And that’s their system. They just repeatedly asked themselves, Oh, what else do I need to bring. If I forgotten anything else and what inevitably ends up happening Is you get to the airport or maybe you’ve boarded on the plane to go wherever you want and then it pops into your brain and you like, ah I forgot the toothpaste, and then you end up getting to the location and then you’re going to have to buy toothpaste because of a very simple error that you just forgot to take that along and it’s because you didn’t have a system and a process that said, hey here are the 20 things that you should take when going on a trip and just creating those sorts of things. I mean, we talked about it in terms of travel as a way to reduce error, but it’s a sign in work as well. There are plenty of times where you might be setting up a particular project or working with a client and some very basic errors occur, just because there is no clear way of doing something, and it might be no clear way for a team member to follow and get things ready for you, or it might be no clear way for you to remind yourself and just by that simple act of thinking it through, capturing the system in the process, as you do it the first time, and then continually improving that you’ll actually watch the number of errors in your business dramatically start to drop. It’s just that attention on focusing on how to reduce errors and creating a system for that. So there’s your money tip for this episode to reduce your errors which will ultimately earn you and save you a lot more in business and personally

Janine: Thank you so much David, and this is Janine Bolon with this week’s three-minute money tip, stay tuned next week so you can get all three episodes of what David Jenyns is offering us. Last week we had menial repetitive tasks that can help you increase your earning potential. And today we were learned about reducing errors. Next week is best ideas how to give yourself space to think, you don’t want to miss this, so definitely stay tuned. We’ll see you next Friday and have a great day.


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