Three Minute Money Tips with David Jenyns and Janine Bolon - Increase your earning potential with systems

David Jenyns – Increase Your Earning Potential with Systems (episode 1/3)3 min read

Janine Bolon: Hi, this is Janine Bolon with the three-minute money tip and today I happened to have David Jenyns who in 2016, he successfully systemized himself right out of business. He’s one of Australia’s most trusted digital agencies that he was working with, which was He hired a CEO, stepped back from the daily operations, And through this process, he became a systems devotee. He found SYSTEMhub and SYSTEMology and today his mission is to free all business owners worldwide from those daily operations of running their business. And one of the things I’d like you to know is, even if you don’t own your own business, please consider yourself self-employed. And when you start looking at your career path and your life like that, then you will understand the power that David has to introduce you today when he gives us his three-minute money tip. So David take it away.

David Jenyns: Oh fantastic, I want to share with the listeners the idea about increasing your earning potential. So we all have heard this idea that time is the most valuable asset we have. It’s so cliche, everybody’s heard that. And how do we then actually translate that into making sure that you make the best use of your time? You’re spending your time on the highest most valuable tasks that only you can do because there are certain things in your life that just need to happen, whether that’s at work or whether that’s at home. There are certain things, you know, you have to clean your house, you have to feed the kids, certain things might need to happen at work, you might need to set projects up a certain while. And it’s these menial tasks, repetitive tasks where you’re not necessarily adding any unique value. It’s not any particular magic that you have. So I want to plant this idea about using systems and processes and checklists to really capture what are the steps required to create and complete some of these repetitive tasks. Make sure that you really focus in on that, become aware and conscious of that, and build checklists and processes. So it’ll start off by making your job easier as you’re doing that task, but it also opens up the opportunity for that then also to be delegated whether that’s to an offshore virtual assistant, whether that’s to another team member. Like when you’re thinking about, if you’re self-employed or, if you’re working for someone, the ability to pass on Lower value tasks to another team member, a lower-cost team member inside your organization, frees you up to work on high-value tasks. And that actually makes you much more valuable to the business. Sometimes it’s a little bit counterintuitive, people think if I systemize parts of my role and some of the jobs that I’m doing, I’m making myself redundant, but the reverse is actually true. People start to notice those things and go, Oh wow they are more valuable now because they can be working on these higher-value tasks. So if you want to increase your earning potential and you, whether it’s working for someone or working for yourself, really get into this idea of system’s mindset capturing what you’re doing, recording the systems processes and checklists, capturing those, and then think about how those could be delegated down so you can focus on the things that make you the most money. But that’s my, my money tip for using systems.

Janine: And so that’s the money tip for this Friday. Stay tuned next Friday we have three episodes with David Jenyns. This was episode 1 of 3 and I know you want to stick around for when he talks about how to reduce your errors, as well as how to give yourself time and space to think. We’ll see you next Friday. And if you want to learn more about David Jenyns, I highly recommend you go to, check out that website. Make sure you understand what this man’s talking about it will change your life. Have a great day. See you next Friday.


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