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3 Ways to Achieve Financial Freedom

Mindful Money Mentoring 

This is the place where your questions are answered. 

As a Financial First-Responder, Author of 9 books, course creator and international speaker, I get a lot of questions about my content, classes and systems. 

  • A 10-Step Process for Abundant Living, 
  • Emotional clearing worksheets to focus your financial targets
  • Clarifying templates for Wants vs Needs vs Wish Lists
  • integrating the 60/40 Principle for Life!

 You will master the machinations of money. 

In an effort to lend you support, accountability and continued inspiration I’ve created an online program 10 Steps to Abundance that walks you through the change of mindset that will allow prosperity to move into your life. AND you receive twice-a-month coaching sessions with me.

If you are unable to attend these sessions “live,” don’t worry. 

They are recorded. 

85% of this community listens to the recordings.

You are welcome to email me your questions the day before the mentoring sessions and  I will address your questions during the Thursday’s sessions.

You may unsubscribe at ANY time and I make it easy for you to do!