Financial First Response Presents:

Ditch Your Debt while Banking Bucks

Janine Bolon is sharing with you a quick start process to drop your debt load while saving money on your current income.

This "Live" Event is being held in Longmont, Colorado
Saturday, September 18th


Fairfield Inn and Suites 

1089 S. Hover Street, Longmont, CO 80501



Money...It's Not Just for Rich People!

Join Janine Bolon as she takes us on a Financial Journey of Abundance using tips and techniques of the 60/40 Principle. This process has been used by thousands of families, artists and entrepreneurs to create positive change in their finances, relationships and personal lives. 

Money…it’s Not Just for Rich People! Is a highly engaging financial program that finally makes money fun for those who haven’t had training in how to direct their dollars and make money work for their  lifestyle.  

At this event you will learn how to:

  • Ask the right questions to save you money

  • Simple math to save you hundreds of dollars a month

  • Remember that time is on your side when it comes to building wealth

  • Use the 60/40 principle to drop debt and bank bucks

  • Deal with the emotional barriers you have to wealth

  • Heal past traumas you have in regards to money


“It is no coincidence that Janine’s book was given as a gift to me right as I was divorcing my husband of 28 years. Through her mentorship, I was able to continue being a leader to my family as we moved homes, changed jobs, schools and routine. I was able to continue homeschooling my children, run my own business in a short amount of time. Janine gave me the inspiration I needed to live life on my own terms and in my own way.” -Angie, Homeschooling Teacher, Las Vegas
“Janine is a powerhouse and wealth of information when it comes to getting your finances in order and help to cure you of the "Empty Wallet/Purse Syndrome!" Janine's way of getting to the point without sugar coating it gives you the opportunity to take a realistic look at money and how you can get out and stay out of debt. I am following a plan she presented to The Broke Wives' Club, and I feel the difference as I am becoming more aware of what I am spending and how to budget for the needs of my family.” -Donna M. Butler, Founder, The Broke Wives Club
“I wish I could have marked all attributes as Janine's top attributes. She really excels in all aspects. Janine is one of not only a fabulous financial coach but she seems to be able to communicate well with anybody on any level. This allows you to be quite comfortable with her while you work on some of the... not-so-comfortable aspects of your life. Not only have I had the joy of working with her but I have heard the first hand testimonies of others who have worked with her who know how amazing she is. I would recommend Janine to anyone.” -David Eggerston, CEO & Founder, YooWeb

Bonuses for Signing Up!

Bonus #1:

Receive Janine’s 3 Minute Money Tip Videos in her Library along with the opportunity to register to receive  her podcast on spotify or itunes each week for continued inspiration and motivation as you walk yourself out of debt and into the habitual savings mode.

Bonus #2:

Janine’s newest book on Money is being written this coming November. Once it is published you will receive a digital as well as printed version for free. It is her way of saying, “Thank you” for taking the time to sign up for the event or the recordings.

Bonus #3:

Take Janine’s Free 10 Step to Abundance Program, online, at your own pace as you work through each module. You’ll be given tips and techniques to create wealth building systems as you drop your debt-load.