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Janine: Welcome to this week’s 3 Minute Money Tip. I am Janine Bolon. And today, our guest is Dawn Santoriello. Who is a certified financial planner. And for those of you who do not know, when someone says that they are a certified financial planner, I want you to think of years and years of training, dealing with numbers, having to go through sometimes, up to 16 different types of exams before they are allowed to call themselves a certified financial planner. That is the intensity of the training of our today’s guest. She has helped many women quickly get on track to reach their financial goals. Most of the time, sooner than they ever thought possible. Dawn has also recovered from failure herself to create three successful businesses and multiple six-figure income. She has been featured on Forbes, Market Watch, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Nexstaff. She has been published in CPA client advisor, wealth planning advisor, investment advisor, and South Jersey Mom, Route 42 or 422, Business advisor, and Let’s Talk, Philadelphia. You can also find her Financial Fridays with Dawn on YouTube. She was the former host of Conquering Your finances, Conquer Your Life for an RVN TV. Don, thank you so much for joining us today.

Dawn: You’re welcome. I’m so happy to be here.

Janine: Okay, so you have a full three minutes, order yourself, go.

Dawn: Okay. Well, today I want to talk about how to invest. I have three pieces of advice of what you should do when it comes to investing. One, time in the market is more important than trying to find the market. Even the professionals can get it right, and you have to be right 74% of the time. You have to know when to get out, and when to get in. So, it’s not worth it. Even if you got in at the worst possible time at the market, was the highest, and then you drop down, as long as you stay in the market, until you’re ready to reach your goals, you are going to be okay. You don’t want to jump in and out and cash. That’s what a lot of people do, and that’s how a lot of people make mistakes. So again, number one tip, no more trying to time the market. The best time to get into the market, today. So, that’s the first tip.

Number two, don’t pick individual stocks, buy the whole market and globally diversified, Meaning, buy like, low-cost ETFs, low-cost index funds, and buy on all different countries, globally. Not just in your hometown, like, just your Canadian stocks or your US Stocks, buy the whole Market. Make sure they’re low-cost and you’re diversified, because most people like, even the best people, they don’t always get it right. Stock-picking is kind of like, basically, I know I’m going to get a lot of flack, it’s about luck. And, you can analyze all your stuff but still, there’s been studies out, that done out there that, only like, 4% of the stocks actually beat with a market return. So, market returns a pretty good. So, don’t waste all that energy trying to find out which is the best stock, because it’s good last week, doesn’t mean it’s gonna be good this week, or it was good ten years ago, and it’s going to be good 10 years or less, whatever. It’s kind of like, luck. So, own everything. That’s what Jack Bogle said, and he was the founder of Vanguard, which brings me to my biggest tip.

Number three, do not go it alone. Repeat, do not go it alone. I know you hear all these people out there, “Oh, you can go invest on your own. Go use your Robo-Advisor”. No, no, no, invest with somebody like myself or some other qualified person because we have two jobs. One, we’re going to rebalance your portfolio, which a Robo-Advisor, I don’t believe that they can do that, too. This is the biggest thing. We’re going to handle your behavior. When things are going crazy like, now, in the market drop and you want to move to cash, I’m going to say, no, because we reconstructed your portfolio. Another thing, portfolio management to tolerate your risk tolerance. So, what you can handle in, as terms of risk. So, your portfolio is built with handle, ups and downs. So, we’re going to keep you invested. When everyone else is screaming, all the talking heads in the media, your friends are screaming, “Go to cash, go to cash. Get out, market’s going to crash” I’m going to say, no. You call me and we’re going to walk through this together. And that is going to help because basically, you’re going to save more money that way than you would pay an advisor because we’re going to be there to help you handle that. I’m sorry, my time is up. I hope I didn’t have a problem.

Janine: You did fabulous. That is the beauty of a certified financial planner. Dawn, thank you so much for taking a moment to be with us. I want you folks to realize that, when you are dealing with somebody who is certified and has gone through the serious amount of training that people like Dawn have done, it is wonderful. So, Dawn, one of the things I’d like to know is, how can somebody get a hold of you? What is the best way?

Dawn: Sure, you can find me on my website, which is I’m also on social media or if you want, I’ll give you my phone number. It’s 215-660-0288, and I work with clients throughout the US as I’m a virtual, as well as in-person.

Janine: Wonderful. Thank you so much for being on today’s 3 Minute Money Tip. Have a great day, everyone.


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