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Janine Bolon: Welcome to the 3 Minute Money Tip. I am Janine Bolon and I am joined today by Joyce Feustel who helps people, especially those aged 50 and up, to become more effective using social media, especially LinkedIn and Facebook. She works with business owners, business development professionals, consultants, job seekers, and more. People ranging from a solopreneur all the way up to large corporations. You can learn more about her at, but what is important today is, you know all those memberships and organizations, are they really worth your time and money? Joyce, tell us what you got, you got three minutes.

Joyce Feustel: Thanks so much, Janine. Are you a joiner like me? Maybe it is because I am from the Midwest. We are kind of adjoining crowd up there from Wisconsin. I have kept that whole tenancy with me when I moved to Colorado, 25 and a half years ago to be precise. However, be careful in spreading yourself too thin because we only have so much time and so much money. To prepare for this little three-minute tip, I went ahead and looked at how much money I am shelling out to the organizations where I paid up a lot. It was about $1200, not too much and then I have at least a couple more that are free, all of them take my time. And then I am a member of Toastmasters, a speaking and leadership organization, costs maybe a hundred bucks a year, also a whole bunch of time. Are these all worth it? I have asked myself that question time and time again. [inaudible] in my estimate, 60% to 70% of my business comes to my networking and organizations, and I will include Toastmasters and that it has its own column. I feel it is definitely worth it to spend the time and money with these organizations. However, I have also had some that after a period of time being there, I started to realize they were just not fitting me anymore. Especially the weekly ones. Though you think about it, okay, you are only spending so much time and the breakfast is included in the membership and all that. But do I really want to hang out with these people and hear their same little spiels over and over again every Wednesday morning? I think not. So from me– also, I tend to like twice a month groups that help once a month almost better. So I would rather be in a few more groups than to say, in one group that meets every single week and I am just– I can tell their own stories. Right? So I feel that for me personally having about maybe half a dozen or so, this is networking group works well for me or some are paid memberships some are free, but I will involve my time and I will never leave Toastmasters. I am planning on them being in the nursing homes by the 20 years from now or whatever I hit that stage of my life because there I will be forever, whether I make any money from it or not. So I really encourage you to look at your membership organizations, assess them every time you pay those dues annually, that is always a good time to think it through. Is this an organization I want to stay part of, am I getting something out of it, is there a return on investment or not. And then graciously leave, do no go into a whole guilt trip about it. I have had people guilt trip me for leaving groups I left six years ago. Gosh. Get over it already. I make my own decisions, thank you very much. Think about the organizations you belong to and are they the right ones for you.

Janine: And thank you again, Joyce. We love having you on the show. We look forward to having you again at some time in the future. Joyce Feustel helping people, especially those 50 and up, with LinkedIn Facebook, and other social media. I highly recommend you go to her website, get the free materials that are there, you will not be unhappy that you did. We will see you next week. This is Janine Bolon with the 3 Minute Money Tip.


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