Niels Janszen - Money EQ and IQ. 3 minute money tip with Janine Bolon.

Neils Janszen – Money EQ & Money IQ3 min read

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Janine: Welcome to the 3-minute money tip. I am Janine Bolon, and today I have Niels Janzsen with me who is a business coach and he is very specific in how he helps people. And that is if you have a full-time job and you want to start your side business or your sidehack, he is the go-to guy. He is the one that can help you do what you love and have other people not stop talking about it. Not only is he a self-made entrepreneur himself, but he has been a serial entrepreneur, has learned to be quite nomadic, and has been able to live the life that really makes a difference for himself and he encourages others to do the same.

So today, Niels is going to be chatting with us about your money EQ and your money IQ. Yes, they are two different things and he is going to do that in 3 minutes. So thank you, Niels, take it away.

Niels Janszen: Yes. Thank you, Janine. Today I would like to share a few insights on money EQ and IQ for new entrepreneurs who are still in a full-time job and are still looking for ways on, “Okay, how can I make a business that I love, that I am excited about?” But still, once you are still full-time employed or you do not know exactly what it is that you wish to do, your primary concerns are probably like, “Okay, what is it that I want? How can I make money from it?” And you might also experience a little bit of fear on, “Okay, this could go wrong.” Maybe there is a bit of fear of failure and that is where money EQ and IQ come in.

As a starting point, I would say do not build a business just to make money as well as a new entrepreneur. You actually want to start a business to make a difference. This is actually a really great starting point and also good to know that money is an excellent tool that gives you options in life. It can help you to accelerate on your mission and to help more people. But what is important once you are still trying to figure things out is to have an idea. So at some point, you have to make a switch and let go of that fear of failure, maybe being broke or having this idea of living under the bridge, in a box. This is not the right way to start. As a new entrepreneur, what you want to do is develop your money EQ and IQ. So what does that mean? Money EQ is actually about your relationship with money. And why is that important? As a new entrepreneur, that is important because your relationship with money is essential because it affects your ability to receive money, to also share your wealth with others, and also to make sure that you stay calm and trust that things will work out. Especially as a new entrepreneur when there are so many things happening and you step into this entrepreneurial roller coaster. Money IQ is really about creating a smart scalable profitable business. This is a different side. And this is a different money knowledge that you can apply to your business. My best tip here is to be curious about it and read some books and follow some trainings. There are a lot of excellent, also free resources, available everywhere. And start getting curious about how you can apply money EQ + IQ principles in your new business. That is my money tip, Janine.

Janine: Thank you so much for that, Niels. Next Friday we will be back with another episode of the 3-minute money tip.


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