Fear of Failure with Money. Battle the Beast & Win!

Dealing with the emotion of Fear is a BIG issue in life, and nowhere more so than in money matters.

Many of my students over the years have known that this one emotion is THE sentiment that keeps them and money from having a productive relationship. You know that you need money to get by in life, and many folks tell me that they only want enough money to feel “comfortable.” And they don’t want to have more than their “fair share.” But this emotion, Fear, is what always seems to be keeping their dreams at bay. It keeps them from acting when they should, sometimes forces them to act when they shouldn’t, and generally prevents them from thinking and learning when they can. They are held hostage to their fear and are unable to make the changes necessary to better their financial lives.

There are many faces of Fear. It comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and times. There are times when fear is like a quiet nagging voice that won’t shut up when you’re trying to bring some control to your financial life. At other times it is the five-pound block of ice sitting in your belly as you look at the overdue bills on your desk and wonder how they can be paid on time—or maybe at all. It might be the sharp stabbing pain of realization that you just allowed a check to bounce, and it was for the rent. No matter what form Fear takes, there is one aspect that is consistent in all of its varieties: Fear is debilitating. It robs you of your reason and your will power, usually just when you need them the most. Worse yet, Fear in managing your money often seeps out to poison other areas of your life with Fear.

Fear is not only a big emotion, it is also quite complex. To fight it, to beat it, we need to understand the several faces of Fear so that we can form a plan of attack for each one in turn. Let’s break up the emotion of Fear so that we can better deal with its hydra-headed nature. There are four major areas where fear hits us and leaves us feeling like we have had a sharp blow to the gut.

The Fear of Failure
The Fear of Inadequacy
The Fear of Ridicule
The Fear of the Unknown

Each one of these aspects of Fear is constantly working in our heads, individually and in combination, to keep us from living to our true potential. We have limitless abilities. (Ask any metaphysician!) Scientists say that we use only about 10% of our native brain power. So, we should have plenty of available mental resource to achieve our short-term goals and our long-term dreams. However, the insidious power of Fear crushes hope and leaves us sitting at our desks just wanting to curl into the fetal position and shut out the world. (Does anyone else assume this instinctive, protective position during stress, or is it just me?) Well, let’s win our lives back from Fear, shall we? First off, let’s deal with the biggest Fear most of my readers have on the wealth accumulation path, the Fear of Failure.

Numerous books have discussed the Fear of Failure. How to overcome it. How to live with it. How to feel it and live life anyway! I have chosen to address this topic in a slightly different vein. Rather than dealing with Fear head-on as most books do, we are going to sneak up on it by using the weapon of positive perspective. Okay? Fear and Creativity are tied together hand in hand. They both exist in balance. It makes sense, doesn’t it? I mean, if the human race is to evolve, individuals and societies have got to try new stuff. However, it can’t be so radical that it wipes out the whole clan with one stupid stunt, right? So, it is natural that Fear and Creativity are walking side-by-side. Because of this intimate relationship, one of the biggest barriers to humans achieving greatness in their lives has been produced.

Let me define a bit here so that we’re understanding one another. Each person on this planet has a spectrum of gifts and talents that is totally unique. I don’t care what your first-grade teacher told you or what your Uncle Clyde or Aunt Rosy says, you have a purpose on this Earth that only you can fulfill. Unfortunately, purpose alone does not achieve any prize. Such prizes are attained only when a powerful purpose is tackled with ambition, passion, and a willingness to accept some setbacks along the way. The road to success is paved in failure. 

The main difference between successful people and individuals who are viewed as failures is that the winners kept on trying until they succeeded, no matter how long it took or how hard the struggle seemed. Right now, it is your fear of failure that is likely the major obstacle keeping you from stepping out and grasping at that brass ring of “Purpose.” Fear of Failure stops many people from even trying. Sad, isn’t it? Many folks don’t even try. They shrug their shoulders and walk away, accepting a life of getting by. Well, since you’re still reading, I’m going to assume that you are in a different category. To learn more about overcoming your fears, sign up for my Mindful Money Program that gives you twice-month-coaching along with an active, online course to keep you moving in the direction you want for money. Living in Abundance!