3 minute money tip - handling your current debt load podcast by Janine Bolon

Handling Your Current Debt Load1 min read

Did you like this money tip?  Did you know Janine Offers online, Twice-a-month, group coaching for you? You can get “live” money tips and her 10 Steps to Abundance Course for only $37/month.

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This  self-paced course is based on 26 years of experience helping  families & students walk through the emotional blocks toward money and it’s sister, Abundant Living. You can live a debt-free life if you follow the steps outlined in this course. 

You don’t have to do this alone. We have a community here to help you.

Also Included is twice-a-month group coaching calls on ZOOM.

  • using a 10-Step Process, 
  • emotional clearing worksheets and 
  • clarifying templates for focus
  • integrating the 60/40 Principle for life!

 You will be able to master the machinations of money.  And you will have a support group with you on this journey.

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