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Janine Bolon: Hello, welcome to the 3 Minute Money Tip with Janine Bolon. I have a guest today by the name of Trevor Mickelson. He is a financial services specialist. Not only that, he also is an Education Course creator for financial and personal assessments. He is an attractor of your soul client, and he does all his educating at no charge, a man after my own heart. Thank you so much for being with us today, I really appreciate it Trevor, and before we launch and before I let him speak, we are going to talk about three things today. Are you ready? Put on your hat. We got three minutes. We are going to talk about, 

  • number one, opt into everything.
  • Number two, read and listen to what inspires you, and
  • number three, play yourself into profit.

 Thanks for being here, Trevor, and GO!

Trevor Mickelson: Whoo-hoo! All right. So let us get started. Opt in to everything, what does this mean? Everyone these days, are the information World course creation books speaking, that is billions dollars of industry, and what people are doing is they are expanding and elevating their levels of how they are able to help somebody. So what you might have paid 10,000, 5,000, 500 dollars, maybe five or ten years for, which that information still could be valuable, you can opt-in and people are literally giving that away for free. So, there are people that are here to help you be millionaires that are literally giving you the route to success that you can opt-in to tried and true methods that are proven. If you are not opting-in to to just see if it might be nice to you, see, feel in to, then you are completely missing the boat. So opt-in to things and once you get down that rabbit hole, trust me, there will be plenty to opt-in to, that is first thing. Now, read and listen to everything that inspires you. Why? Because the media, the social media, the outlets, everything the. world is such an f’in negative place. And if you are not creating five opposite forces for every one negative force, you are going to be dragged down deep into silent desperation, lack, fear, remorse, shame, fear, and whatnot, all those negative, lack, desperation mindset. And that, if you are going to truly profit and create wealth, you do not have to, you are required to embrace positive, ascending vibrations because they can hear you smiling over the phone. You can hear me, people! You know that I am living a life on fire and I am passionate about what I am doing. Why? Because I listened to an amazing book yesterday, finished it up. Why? Because I read an amazing article and also I would listen to my wife, she is amazing. I listen to my kids, they are amazing, they inspire to me. So, read and listen to everything inspires you.

Trevor: Number three, play until you create profit. That is the thing, play with opting into everything, read and listen to everything, go out and find what inspires you, take that art again, pick up that paintbrush, pick up that pencil, find people that you can play with and realize, “Oh my gosh, there is a niche here. No one is doing this.” Just like you Janine. We were having a conversation. No one on Earth was literally talking about how to get new authors on podcasts. We started doing some research and I was like, “Oh my gosh, Janine you are creating these courses, you are helping authors. You are playing in this new arena that no one is doing.” Well, let us do some research. Let us create some metadata put it behind some videos, and now boom, you are on publications and syndications all over the world, and it is because you were playing and expanding, and ascending into helping and serving other people unconditionally that brought you more joy, and brought people into your network so you can serve. So, play until it creates profits.

Janine: And that is our 3 Minute Money Tip for today people, and I highly recommend that you go find Trevor Mickelson at this wonderful place called where he has so much free stuff for you to opt-in to literally. This is your best bet, and hare is H-A-R-E, like the bunny. So Thank you, Trevor. That is all for today with the 3 Minute Money Tip.


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